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Due to delays or cessation of payments, bankruptcy or otherwise, you have found yourself in an obstacle and are currently stuck at the Good Finance but you need a personal loan to get you up to speed. know that solutions exist. Be stuck at the NBB, what does it imply?

Filing or being in litigation suggests that you are in a weak financial position and that you will not be able to apply for loans until they are cleared.

Does not refund your credit 


Plug? We have solutions … no does not refund your credit for more than two deadlines will necessarily result in your registration with the Good Finance. The consequences can be unfortunate … Read the following information carefully. We are at your disposal for any further information.

Show at the Good Finance Did you know that: n Each credit subscribed must be registered at the Central Credit to individuals by your praetor organization.

The Centrale des credits aux particuliers is a division of the Good Finance. The Central Credit to individuals has the task of acting against the over-indebtedness.

Terminate your credit or loan agreement 


If you fail to pay your premium for 3 consecutive months, your lending organization has the legal obligation to terminate your credit or loan agreement with Good Finance, which will proceed to your registration.

When you are registered with the Good Finance, your file leads to the litigation department of your lending organization that will try to find an answer with you to extract its money or, failing that, will start legal proceedings that may lead to the forced recovery of the balance of the credit unpaid on your property.

This may involve a seizure of your property and a public sale. If your credit is not settled, you stay at the Good Finance with the consequence that no credit organization (bank or broker) will be able to lend you any more money. You can not borrow anymore.

Once you have settled your credit, the lending authority has the legal constraint to ask the Good Finance to cancel your registration. n You will have to wait 15 months after delisting to be able to make a new loan or apply for a new loan.

Being stuck in a soft situation. However, the European People’s Credit can offer you solutions to get out of this embarrassing situation:

Do I have the possibility, despite my census on the blacklisting, to take a new loan? if you have the blacklist guarantee and you do not have real estate (land), you can not apply for new credit. This applies to all types of loans. As much as the lender has the legal obligation to make an appointment with the blacklist before granting you this credit.

Your existing loans must, of course, still be repaid to the lender


Your existing loans must, of course, still be repaid to the lender. If you still want to borrow money, you will have to adopt alternative means. For example, you can ask your family or friends to make a loan. However, it may be better to postpone your plans and try to save a bit of money.



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