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Fine Banks: key player in the repurchase of credit

Partners Finances: key player in the repurchase of credit

The experience, expertise and seriousness of Fine Banks are recognized by all market players and allow it to offer a wide range of financial solutions: loan repurchase, mortgage, borrower insurance, etc. To market its products, Fine Bank relies on 16 branches spread across mainland France.

The financial institution is an Intermediary in banking and payment service. More specifically, Fine Bank acts as a non-exclusive agent. On behalf of its customers, the company works with several financial partners. The offers thus made are put in perspective and make it possible to find the best proposal easily.

Credit repurchase with Fine Banks

Credit repurchase with Partners Finances

The vocation of Fine Banks is to design financial solutions adapted to all profiles and all needs in terms of financial restructuring:

  • The repurchase of credits is the financial solution which responds to an excessive debt that finds its origin in an accident of the life or in a reckless use of the credit. Also called debt restructuring, the repurchase of credits makes it possible to redeploy its finances, to save, to prepare for its retirement and to envisage the future with serenity;
  • The financing of a new project integrated into a reduced overall monthly payment, is the financial solution which makes it possible not to give up your project while maintaining its quality of life thanks to a repurchase of loan (s). It is thus possible to borrow enough to buy back current credits and to finance any new purchase or investment: construction of a swimming pool, repair of the roof, purchase of a new vehicle, etc.;
  • Financing your home integrated into a reduced or maintained overall monthly payment is the financial solution that allows you to access property without compromising your budget, thanks to financial restructuring. In concrete terms, Fine Banks carries out a loan buy-back including an additional budgetary envelope intended for the purchase of real estate.

In addition to the loan repurchase solutions described above, Fine Bank has an extended offer for the subscription of a mortgage loan. In this case, the organization grants a so-called “cash” loan to the borrower. In exchange, the latter accepts that a mortgage guarantee is taken on real estate (house, apartment, building, etc.).

How to file a credit repurchase file with Fine Banks?

The financial advisers of Fine Banks, called “analysts”, manage the entire file of a client or prospect from A to Z. To obtain a loan buy-back from this financial organization, individuals must follow 5 steps.

  1. Apply for credits. Indispensable, this step is the first meeting point between the needs of a consumer and the offer of Fine Banks. In an agency or on the internet, a request can be made at any time;
  2. Take note of the simulation carried out by Fine Bank, established thanks to the elements previously transmitted;
  3. Participate in the assembly of the financing file. For this, the future borrower must simply send all the supporting documents necessary for the study and decision-making of financial institutions;
  4. Sign the credit agreement. The best proposal made by one of Fine Banks’ partners is retained. The bank concerned then publishes the credit offer which is signed and accepted by the customer;
  5. Receive the funds. The contract is signed: the lending organization releases the agreed sum and reimburses the debts purchased. Any additional cash is paid into the borrower’s bank account or released on invoice.

Good to know : for the sake of simplicity, discussions with a Fine Banks advisor are grouped in the client’s personal area. Throughout the loan buy-back procedure, it is also possible to monitor the progress of your file and send the expected supporting documents.

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Fine Banks?

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Partners Finances?

Thanks to the loan buy-back offered by Fine Banks, it is possible to make savings of up to 60% on your new monthly loan loan by reducing financial conditions (interest rate and borrower insurance) and / or an extension of the repayment period.

To find out exactly what you can claim, it is necessary to contact a specialist in the business. In an agency or via the form available on the internet, more information is required to establish a personalized proposal:

  • the type of transaction envisaged (loan repurchase, real estate purchase, etc.);
  • the number of credits to be redeemed;
  • monthly household income;
  • the applicant’s contact details so that Fine Banks can contact him after the study of his request.

By requesting a loan buy-back simulation from Fine Banks, the individual is in no way committed. In addition, the use of this tool is 100% free. Indeed, no payment can be claimed from Fine Banks before the signing of the final loan contract.

Good to know : Fine Banks undertakes to provide a response to all persons making a simulation request on the internet in less than 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Fine Bank’s credit repurchase rates

Partners Finance

Fine Banks does not communicate the interest rates applied to its credit offers on its website. In question: it is not the company which directly fixes the rate of the future loan.

Indeed, it is its banking partners who draw up proposals for Fine Bank clients. In addition, an interest rate is determined based on a multitude of factors: type of credit, duration of the loan, profile of the borrower, wealth, level of income, debt ratio, guarantees, etc. To obtain the best interest rate, certain factors have a strong influence:

  • home loans benefit from better rates compared to personal loans or revolving loans;
  • a borrower with a low level of debt can more easily negotiate his interest rate;
  • a mortgage guarantee provides excellent security for the lender and helps to put him in confidence.



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