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Borrowers who had a negative Credit Bureau were still completely excluded from lending a few years ago, whoever does not repay a loan as scheduled or pays an invoice too late must still count on a negative note with the Credit Bureau today.

Loan can be taken out

Loan can be taken out

The consequence of a repayment default, etc. used to be synonymous with the exclusion from lending, but today a loan can be taken out despite Credit Bureau. More and more banks are now offering a loan for borrowers with a negative Credit Bureau, because the demand for the loan product is increasing.

A loan in spite of Credit Bureau can be found above all at the numerous online banks on the Internet, especially the credit institutions on the Internet today offer low-interest loan offers even without Credit Bureau with flexible contractual terms and individual structuring options, not infrequently the borrower can use, duration, loan amount and repayment plan your own requirements.

Considering a loan in comparison to Credit Bureau makes more sense than ever because of the high range of offers, the high range of offers has contributed to significantly lower interest rates, but without a comparison on the Internet, the enormous range of offers can hardly be overlooked.

 This must be taken into account when comparing credit

Consider credit in comparison with Credit Bureau - this must be taken into account when comparing credit

When comparing several loan offers, borrowers should focus in particular on the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is the most important comparison criterion because, unlike the borrowing rate, it takes into account all fees and risks associated with borrowing. Accordingly, in addition to the borrower’s credit rating, the effective interest rate also takes account of the repayment, term, loan amount and use. The creditworthiness of the borrower of a loan without Credit Bureau – as the name already suggests – is not measured on the basis of Credit Bureau, but above all determined using the monthly / annual income.

Borrowers who have a high, constant income can enjoy significantly lower interest rates than low-income earners. Last but not least, term and loan amount also play a decisive role. Borrowers who opt for a short term and a low loan amount can hope for a lower interest rate than borrowers who opt for a long term and a high loan amount. Since the risk of default and capital commitment are lower for short-term loans, the banks offer lower interest rates.

Consider credit in comparison with Credit Bureau and save a lot of money – loan calculator the best option

Consider credit in comparison with Credit Bureau and save a lot of money - loan calculator the best option

When comparing multiple loan offers, borrowers should definitely use a loan calculator for comparison. Credit calculators offer the possibility of a quick and objective comparison of several offers, taking into account the term, loan amount, income, etc. The credit calculator comparison can quickly find the best offer with the lowest interest rates and permanently reduce the loan costs.



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